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We offer you an unique shopping experience in the city center of Ljubljana!

What is second hand?

Second hand clothes are clothes and accessories which have already been used. Second hand clothing is the recycling of used clothing.

What is vintage?

When you wear a vintage garment you are wearing a rare piece of clothing that very well might be the only one of its kind left anywhere. Vintage fashions are anywhere from 20 – 80 years old. For the most part, these older items were produced in much smaller quantities than the mass produced clothing of today.

Wearing Vintage

The fashion world is a circle where everything old becomes new again. Have you ever walked into a party and realized you were wearing the same dress as another girl? With vintage you are spared these embarrassing moments because vintage is unique and one of a kind.

A synonym for quality

Factories producing clothing today make the most garments in the shortest amount of time possible all with inhumane working conditions. This is just not the case with vintage! Vintage clothing tends to be of a much higher quality than what you see today. Quality fabrics and hand stitching mean that every garment has been made with a care and attention that mass produced modern clothing cannot match.

Vintage fashions were designed to last. For many people vintage clothing is something to love and to cherish. It is a key to the past times by every vintage garment having its own history. Particularly older pieces! They have a beautiful romanticism about them and quite often we won’t know the story of each garment history, but it is easy to be swept away to past times when imagining swirling around the ballroom in a vintage gown.

Vintage in Hollywood

Just a few celebrities who are known to wear vintage are: Natalie Portman, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Erin Wasson, Sienna Miller, Agyness Deyn, Gwen Stefani, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Eva Mendes, Chloe Sevigny, Nicole Kidman, Karen Elson, Rachel Bilson, Katy Perry, Zoe Kravitz, Theodora Richards, Kate Bosworth, Mischa Barton, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lou Doillon, and Angelina Jolie. However, we don’t need to be stars for wearing vintage, we don’t even need celebrity salaries for wearing vintage. It is affordable but makes us so unique.

Vintage is much more than old look

Be careful. Lots of conventional and popular stores sell brand new items that are made to look old or items that blatantly appear like they are from another period of time and they name them as vintage. New items made to look old are not vintage. Therefore, we would define them most like as vintage replicas, which just look like coming from the past; they are made of materials (fabric and chemicals) and by production technologies from today…

Accurately selected

We offer accurately selected second-hand and vintage clothes and accessories for men and women at more than reasonable prices.

Top Brands

The items are made either by well known and prestigious brands, those in the middle, or those already forgotten.


We guarantee that all items are without mistakes and prewashed.